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Latest PHP Interview questions for freshers and experienced

In a PHP technical interview an applicant is anticipates to be asked so many php interview questions by the interviewer. This is the time when the interviewer tests the PHP knowledge of a candidate. Possibly they wouldn’t ask the candidate to write down the code for an intricate application or recognize flaws in software. They would rather target some important and fundamental topics of PHP and therefore the candidate will be put on test whether he/she have adequate understanding of PHP fundamentals or not. A candidate’s capability to apply their theoretical knowledge into real life scenarios would be checked by the job interviewer.


Below is the list of some common php interview questions for fresherthat are asked by the interviewer -

  1. What is php?
  2. What do you understand by Object Oriented Programming?
  3. In PHP, explain the basic differences between an Interface and a Class?
  4. What is MVC?
  5. How will you explain Open Source Software?
  6. What is the basic differences between $_POST and $_GET
  7. Tell us something about the 3 visibility keywords of a method or property in PHP class?
  8. How can you load classes perfectly in PHP?
  9. What is the full form of PEAR and what are its uses?
  10. What are the great methods in PHP programming and how you can implement them?
  11. How can you use scope resolution and ternary resolution in PHP?
  12. What is the difference between require_once(), require(), include_once(), and include()?
  13. What are the common errors in PHP programming?

Generally, the questions that an interviewer asks are based on what really he is looking for to hear from you.  He may ask you some of the simple questions based on a specific subject such as keywords, operators used in PHP, and OOPS etc. They may ask you some simple questions from various subjects or themes of php or may focus on one particular topic. It totally depends on their choice. Therefore if you wish to crack a PHP interview for fresher, then you need to read and learn all the concepts of the PHP programming language and study all the relevant php interview questions and answers in advance.


Presently, there are so many online questions and answers websites and job websites that can give you with the complete list of php fresher interview question answer. You should visit at least 3-4 of such sites and read the mentioned questions and answers. After that you should prepare for such questions comprehensively. Additionally, you can refer a number of PHP study materials that are accessible on the web and look for the best answers to your problems. Ensure you comprehend the theory without blindly learning php questions and answers associated to various topics. You should practice all the significant concepts because this will provide you a comprehensible idea of the subjects and therefore will stay in your memory. Therefore, you should practice carefully and go for your interview with confidence and crack it.

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